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Clients Care Policy


At Michaelmas Chambers, we deliver exceptional legal services accompanied by the topmost professional standards of client care. We constantly monitor our performance and organize regular reviews of our systems and procedures to refine and improve our standards of client care.

This policy applies to all members of the chambers (either temporal or permanent), all support staff or any other person associated with us.


This policy depicts the Chambers’ policies in respect to client care monitoring. Our Client Care Policy is designed to alleviate some of the stress/difficulties our clients may encounter.


The Monitoring is done by the Management of the Chambers.

Members of Chambers practice under the Rules of Professional Conduct and the Legal Practitioners Act.


We receive instructions from Private individuals, Public or Private Companies, and Government bodies/agencies.

Upon receiving instructions, those instructing will receive an acceptance mail and the matter will be added to Chambers’ management system with all details and information appropriately recorded. The Firm’s preferred method of communication and sending of documents is by electronic mail. 

All members of the Chamber including the supporting staff have access to an official email address. For documents that cannot be mailed, those instructing should contact the Firm to discuss alternative arrangements. 

Counsel of Michaelmas Chamber cannot act for different sides in a dispute, and cannot appear against one another in court. It would be a breach of professional conduct to act for opposing parties.


It is important to know that each case requires efficient and effective management. For this to be carried out, it must be ensured that the Firm is given sufficient time to prepare for conferences, court appearances, drafting, etc. Also, clients are to ensure that all papers and correspondence are forwarded at the earliest opportunity via the Practice Manager or through e-mails. Any deadlines, conference dates, work required, fee agreements etc. should be clearly noted within the instructions. In a situation where there is a change of Counsel in an ongoing case, our Firm should be provided with detailed information and the required documents.


The cost of doing the work listed in your engagement letter and attachment will be a fixed fee as notified to you. The Managing Partner of the firm is available to discuss individual case requirements and negotiate fees. Fee agreements will be sent to those instructing via email and a record made on our Chambers’ management system. All fee agreements must be in place prior to any work commencing, and payment should be made as early as possible, depending on the Agreement between the client and the Managing Partner. An invoice containing any miscellaneous fee incurred during the matter will be rendered at the conclusion of the case where appropriate.


Counsel will confirm with the court date, time, court room, Judge etc. and clients will be given an update of the proceeding. Counsel in charge of a matter is expected to attend court proceedings and maintain a good rapport with their clients. 

Our aim is to provide the highest level of service for all clients and this includes representation in court when required. The Practice Manager will ensure that all members of Chambers are fully prepared for any court attendance with all copies of papers, accurate details and listing. The Firm will be expected to pass across to the client any important information prior to the court appearance and also update the client immediately after the court proceeding through a mail.

A full attendance note will be provided on the appearance day (or at the latest the following day) by email. From the attendance note, each Counsel of the firm would be aware of the adjourned date. A copy of the attendance note will be kept in the Chambers’ management system and in each client’s file. 


We have a quality management system which enables us to monitor each matter and organise regular reviews of our systems and procedures to refine and improve our standards of client care.